About Us

Ever Beauty® South Africa offers affordable, quality & professional makeup formulated to compliment the diverse range of skin tones across Southern Africa.

set of 3 Ever Beauty Zebra lipsticks

You are unique, You are exquisite

You deserve to be beautiful!


I’m Terisa, Brand and Product Director of Ever Beauty® SA and founder and creator of the Ever Beauty® SA exclusive range.  I am a wife, and a dedicated mother to my 2 beautiful children.

I am super excited that my once upon a time fairytale dream to create affordable, quality and professional makeup has now become a reality. I am PROUD to announce that this reality was made possible in our beautiful country -SOUTH AFRICA.

What kept me pursuing for this dream was essentially finding a purpose for the Ever Beauty® SA brand that aligned with my personal self.

Coming from a marketing background with a Bachelor Degree in Business Communication from Bond University of Australia, a Post Graduate Diploma in Brand Contact Management from the Advertising School of Vega and having studied towards a Psychology Degree in the Professional Context through UNISA as well as having a Diploma in Fashion and Photographic Makeup, my passion for branding immediately saw the Ever Beauty® SA brand as an opportunity to engage with the 2 magical words and to create a meaningful message to the South African audience.

The message is simply “You deserve to be beautiful!” because the Ever Beauty® SA brand believes that becoming beautiful is a journey that everyone is born with and is entitled to.

The Ever Beauty® SA brand is all about using makeup as a platform to embrace peoples’ unique differences as well as inspire everyone to embark on the Ever Beauty® SA journey of capturing, owning and proudly embracing their own beauty.

I am truly grateful that I have been given this opportunity to build the Ever Beauty® SA journey in South Africa, and now through the South African Spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ (I am what I am, because of who we all are) Ever Beauty® SA can extend this beautiful journey to all that comes across its path.

I would like to THANK YOU for taking your time to read about the start of my Ever Beauty® SA journey.

I warmly Welcome you to join me, so I can share and extend my journey to all that come across the Ever Beauty® SA brand.

As I believe, the Ever Beauty® SA Journey is no longer just my journey alone, it is now a journey for ALL and becomes More Beautiful when Shared.

Sending you lots of Love and Beauty,

Terisa Hsu-Lee