7 Chakra Stone Small Beads Bracelet



The ancients described the 7 chakras as the wheels of the natural energy cycle coursing through your body. They would start at the base of your spine and course through up to the top of your head.

Many believe that the energy flowing is the life force that connects your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. When one of the wheels spins to fast, too slow, or becomes blocked, it will create an imbalance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Left Hand: Humans refer to their left side as their feminine side. You can enjoy all the positive and calming energy that a chakra bracelet emits by wearing it on the left wrist or the feminine side of your body.

Right Hand: Alternatively, the right side is referred to as masculine. You’ll feel the negativity and obstructive thoughts leaving your body when you wear your chakra bracelet on the right wrist

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Wellness bracelets place healing stones in constant contact with the skin, which allows the energy to flow into the body. Different stones and symbols can be used to help with different energy flows in the body.

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