Hamsa Hand Hemotide Bracelet


Wellness bracelets place healing stones in constant contact with the skin, which allows the energy to flow into the body. Different stones and symbols can be used to help with different energy flows in the body.

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Hamsa Hand

One of the most potent evil eye amulets is the hamsa, an open hand-shaped symbol with an evil eye on the palm.

The hamsa is also known as the Hand of Miriam (sister of Moses), and the Hand of God.

A hamsa symbol will ward off negative energy projected at you and protect you from evil thoughts or harm.

The Hamsa symbol also represents the Hand of God, is believed to promote health, happiness, good luck, and fortune.

The hamsa is often a companion to the evil eye because it too is a symbol of protection, as well as blessing, power, and strength. You’ll often find the evil eye nesting within the palm of a hamsa to offer dual protection and positivity.

Hematite’s spiritual meaning is to bring balance to both the etheric body and the physical body. And due to its magnetic nature and our ying-yang energies, it’s nature is to bring us back to equilibrium.


A hematite crystal can also keep you grounded and give you confidence. It is linked to the root chakra, meaning it can form part of your foundations and give you stability in your everyday life.

The link to iron and the heavy content within the stone has led hematite to be used in connection to the blood and our circulatory system. People use it to improve their circulation, reduce high blood pressure, reduce clots and even slow heavy menstrual periods.

On the more metaphysical side, hematite is used to improve your ability to stand strong, giving you more courage and willpower. The stone can help you to break habits such as being a people pleaser and living a timid lifestyle.

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