Start & Finish Combo


Start & Finish with Ever Beauty® SA.

Start off your makeup routine by nourishing your beautiful skin with the Ever Beauty® SA exclusive Primer oil, and create that perfect canvas for  your makeup application.

This fast absorbing vitamin enriched formula is light yet super moisturizing,  giving you that radiant, fresh and beautiful finish.

The Matte Fix and Mist spray adds the perfect finishing touch to every makeup application helping your makeup application look fresh for hours.


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1. Primer Oil: Use a few tiny drops and allow the oil to settle on your skin for a perfect canvas to apply your foundation. (Use only a small droplet if your skin is oily & more if your skin is dry.)

2. Matte Fix & Mist Spray: Spray 2 to 3 times to finish your makeup look allowing it to look fresh for hours.

Primer Oils are 35ml in size.

Matte Fix & Mist Sprays are 85ml in size.

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