The Full Magnetic Lash One Case/Two Pairs (Natural & Dramatic)


Purchase the Full Magnetic lashes One Case/Two Pairs combo (Full Lash Design 1: Natural & Full Lash Design 2: Dramatic)

  • packaged in a gorgeous white acrylic casing with a mirror, you can use it as a storage box or a travel case.
  • The convenient mirror inside the lash case allows you to apply your lashes anywhere & you can use it to apply makeup when traveling.

Explore your creative style by mixing and matching these 2 different styles of lashes:

Ever Beauty® SA Full Magnetic Lashes:

  • gives you length and fullness, without using sticky glue or adhesives
  • is perfect to enhance & add depth to your beautiful eyes
  • is cruelty free & reusable made from synthetic fibers

*Please note the no. of times a pair of magnetic false lashes can be reused depends on how you take care of them.

Let your lashes express your mood from natural to dramatic to super dramatic!

For easy application use with Magnetic Lash Liner.



Full Magnetic Lash how to use guide:

 1. Full Magnetic Lash

2. Mini Magnetic Lashes

3. Full Set with mini magnetic lashes

4. Before Magnetic Lashes

5. Hold a full magnetic lash by the ends of the individual lashes

6. Balance the lash on top of your own lash

7. Take a mini lash with your index finger and thumb – red dot facing upwards

8. Let the mini magnetic lash connect with the full lash in the inner corners of your eyes

9. The inner corner of your lash has magnetized with the mini lash

10. Pick up another mini lash – red dot facing upward

11. Now connect the mini lash to the outer corners of your eyes

12. THERE YOU HAVE IT! A full magnetic lash, sandwiching your own lash

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 7 cm
Full Magnetic Lashes

One Case/2 Pairs

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