White Sage Smudge Stick


White Sage is a powerful and protected herb.

The White Sage Smudge Stick can be used to smudge your home, your meditation space or your personal space.

The White Sage Smudge Stick has a beautiful scent that calms the mind and purifies the body, and is great for helping you to clear your mind and focusing on your intentions. When you bring the aroma of white sage into your living space, you help to clear negative energies and promote positive vibes.


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Before Burning White Sage: Set an intention for the spiritual, energetic or negativity clearing purpose you are seeking- This can be done with a prayer or with good thoughts. A prayer is included if you wish to use it but any words from the heart are sufficient- Do what feels best for your situation and follow your intuition

How to use a White Sage Smudge Stick
– Hold the smudge stick by the end, use a lighter to ignite the tip. Blow out any open flames so that the leaves slowly burn.
– Wave the smudging stick around a room, person, or objects to direct the cleansing smoke.
– Catch the ashes in a heat-resistant dish.
– Smudge sticks can be extinguished in a dish of sand and re-used many times. Never leave burning smudges unattended.

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