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Ying/ Yang

The yin yang symbol represents the interconnectedness of the world, particularly the natural world. There can be no positive without a negative, no open without closed, no light without shadow. The yin yang symbol itself portrays that interrelatedness. Looking at the symbol, you can see it doesn’t have a straight line going through the center to represent the divide between yin and yang. Inside, the dividing line is a soft S-shape. It shows how yin and yang are connected and constantly flowing into and out of each other. At the top of the symbol, as yang swells, yin contracts. At the bottom, yin swells as yang contracts. The ideal situation is when there is an equal balance between the two, as that is when harmony is achieved.

Yin and yang (or 陰 and 陽 in traditional Chinese characters) represent duality, or the idea that two opposite characteristics can actually exist in harmony and complement each other. It’s the same idea behind quotes like, “there can be no light without darkness.” Yin (the black segment) and yang (the white segment) each represent various qualities.

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Wellness bracelets place healing stones in constant contact with the skin, which allows the energy to flow into the body. Different stones and symbols can be used to help with different energy flows in the body.

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